"Miracle Water" Documentary

Announcer: "When diabetes becomes serious, a person's feet can become severely infected. This condition is called gangrene. Tonight we will report on a case in which a man whose doctor determined that his foot would be amputated because of gangrene caused by diabetes was cured by strongly oxidized water."

[on screen] Gangrene infected toes.

Reporter: "This patient was told that his foot had to be amputated due to a condition caused by diabetes. His toes were infected very badly and he was cured by soaking his foot in hyperoxidized water twice a day. At the same time, he drank more than five liters of alkaline water daily in about four months, his toes recovered, as you can see, and are normal just like those of a healthy person."

[on screen] Two pictures of the same patient's toes

Right: "Seven days after he was admitted to the hospital Left: "Four months after his discharge from the hospital showing healthy toes."

Reporter: "Mr. Akihiro Ito (58 years old) heard about this water on a TV program called "Kyo no dekigoto" (Today's Events). He left the hospital where he was staying and moved to Kyowa Hospital located in the suburbs of Kobe."

Reporter: "Where exactly were they going to amputate your leg?"

Mr. Ito: "About this area."

Dr. Kawamura, head of Kyowa Hospital: "This discolored part of the leg was completely damaged by very poor blood circulation."

Reporter: "Mr. Ito's condition was severe. It almost sent chills down my back. Diabetes is very scary. Mr. Ito went to the hospital because he had blisters caused by his shoes. There he was treated with vasodilators, antibiotics and disinfectants. Doctors did everything they could, but the condition of his foot did not improve at all and only worsened. Finally, he was told that his leg had to be amputated."

[on screen] Dotted line on Mr. Ito's leg showing the proposed place for amputation proposed by the first hospital.

Reporter: "How did Dr. Kawamura treat Mr. Ito's foot?"

[on screen] Dotted line on Mr. Ito's foot showing where his toes were amputated

Reporter: "At Kyowa Hospital, they cut off only the part where all the cells were already dead."

Reporter: "I visited Mr. Ito at Kyowa Hospital two weeks later."

Mr. Ito: "I feel OK. I was expecting my leg to be cut off below the knee, but it turned out that only my toes needed to be cut off, so I shouldn't feel too bad.

Reporter: "It looks quite pitiful, but Mr. Ito himself is not feeling bad at all."

Mr. Ito: "To begin with, all the swelling is gone."

Dr. Kawamura: "The ideal situation is when all the infected parts are completely healed and the muscle has a chance to rebuild, then we don't have to cut off any more than this, and we can place a skin graft on top of the wound. That is the best."

Reporter: "Except for insulin to control his blood sugar level, Mr. Ito does not use any other drugs at all. To restore his damaged blood vessels, he drinks about five liters of alkaline water daily. This water is created by the electrolysis of tap water using the home electrolysis unit."

[on screen] Mr. Ito drinking alkaline water.

Mr. Ito: "The heavy feeling in my body seems to have gone away, too."

Reporter: "For treatment of his foot, he is using strong hyperoxidized water at pH. 2.5. He soaks his foot in this water for 15 minutes twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon."

Reporter: "I visited him in April and I was amazed to see how clean his foot was. It's hard to imagine how awful it looked before."

Mr. Ito: "See, even my toes are emerging."

Reporter: "Mr. Ito is now very light-hearted. He even jokes like this."

Mr. Ito: "I didn't use any drugs."

Reporter: "Dr. Kawamura talked about the skin graft."

Mr. Ito: "The skin just naturally grew over the wound."

Reporter: "By using only water, his skin and muscle regrew. It's amazing. Unbelievable. Now let us report on another patient."

[on screen] Another patient's foot with date (Oct 7, 1992)

Reporter: "As you can see, this is a pretty large area of infection caused by diabetes. By drinking alkaline water and soaking his foot in hyperoxidized water everyday, new muscles were rebuilt and skin naturally regrew. In about four months, the condition improved this much."

[on screen] Same patient's foot with date (Jan. 20, 1993)

[on screen] Dr. Kawamura

Reporter: "Another infection started at Mr. Ito's ankle and spread up to this area in the calf. It was caused by poor blood circulation. However, Mr. Ito is in good spirits."

Mr. Ito: "Once it starts to heal, it goes quickly. It's fun to watch it change."

Dr. Kameyama, Director of Dermatology at Kitazato Research Medical Center

Hospital: "If Mr. Ito's leg is really healing, this treatment is truly a surprise for us in dermatology."

Reporter: "Dr. Kameyama of Kitazato Research Medical Center Hospital visited Kyowa Hospital in May."

Dr. Kameyama: "We normally use vasodilators and muscle growth stimulants, but they don't work very well. Many patients still suffer despite these drugs. We want to try applying this water treatment by using not only hyperoxidized water but also alkaline water."

[on screen] Mr. Ito's leg

Reporter: "Mr. Ito left the hospital on July 2 and he is resting at home. It is the ninth month since he started water treatment."

Mr. Ito: "The second area of infection has been reduced."

Reporter: "Mr. Ito, isn't it nice to still have your leg?"

Mr. Ito: "Of course, it's better than becoming one-legged, or having no legs at all, like a ghost. Nothing is more wonderful than being able to walk using your own legs. They say that you can have an artificial leg, but it is different from your own leg."

[on screen] Home electrolysis unit

Reporter: "It is amazing that Mr. Ito's leg was cured to this extent by treatment with water. Being greatly encouraged by the progress, Mr. Ito increased the amount of alkaline water he drinks from 6 to 8 liters a day. Now he no longer needs to take insulin shots to control his blood sugar level."

Mr. Ito: "I started out taking 24 units of insulin a day, but now I don't have to take anything. No pills, nothing. My blood sugar level has stabilized between 100 to 110. It's been the same for two weeks. I don't have any problem."

Reporter: "Mt. Ito is now walking up the stairs."

Mr. Ito: "I don't need a cane any more. I feel great. It's all because of the water. Thanks to the water."

Announcer A: "It's amazing."

Announcer B: "He had been told that his foot had to be amputated and now he can walk. An industrial electrolysis machine creates the strongly oxidized water that cures infections. Please note that the home unit cannot create this water.


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