"Miracle Water" Documentary

Announcer: "In earlier programs we looked at electrolyzed miracle water that has been used in place of medicines and agricultural chemicals and it has proved very effective.""Today we have another report concerning this miracle water. We have followed a diabetes patient who faced the possibility of having to have his leg cut off, he recovered and was able to walk again.We have more from NNN Cameraman Matsumoto."

The diabetic patient: "Because you took up my story on your TV program, my life was saved, I can make a fresh start thanks to you."

Reporter: "One and a half months ago, Mr. K. Abe 56, cut his right toe on a piece of glass. He left the hospital where he was staying, and came to Kyowa Hospital in Kobe two days before the scheduled operation to amputation his foot. He found this hospital through a TV camera man."

Mr. Abe says: "The doctor at the first hospital told me that they had to amputate my foot and the toe on my other foot, if I lost both, I wouldn't be able to work or walk so I left the hospital."

Reporter: "Twenty days ago he entered Kyowa Hospital. The condition of his feet is getting better day by day, at first they were terrible. The color of the cells was dark, most parts were pussy and smelled terrible, both feet were infected with gangrene."

Mr. Abe: "This is the photo at the time I was first diagnosed compared to the more healthy left foot, the bone melted and became thin, this was caused by poor blood circulation and diabetes. This was the way it looked."

Reporter: "Reportedly, there are 5 million diabetics in Japan. Of those over 40 years old, about 1 out of 10 people suffers from this disease. Early on you can control your calories and take insulin pills to treat the disease, but when you are seriously ill, you have to take insulin shots to control your blood level. Mr. Abe was labeled a seriously ill patient."

Doctor: "To control diabetes we use insulin, but to control a locally infected part we use acidic water only. We use no antibiotics. To treat feet medically developed water with a pH of 2.4 and 1100 millivolts of deoxidized potential is used. This deoxidized electric potential water is very effective to control local infection and granulation, but it is not perfect. So first, we want to control diabetes by dosing with lots of electrolytic resolved water every day. We think effective treatment of gangrene can be achieved through such an improvement in the patients constitution."

Reporter: "They say the treatment of diabetics is possible using electrolytic resolved water or alkaline ion water, both of which are available to be made at home. Mr. Abe drinks five liters of water per day following the doctors directions. And he says he has been improving day by day."

Mr. Abe: "This water makes me feel light and I am in good shape."

Reporter: "What kind of water is this? I asked the hospital staff to analyze it."

Doctor: " Ordinary water is pH 7 and it's resolved potential is (plus) +330 millivolts. An alkaline solution of pure water and caustic soda is pH 8 and it's resolved potential is (plus) +200 millivolts.

Doctor: "A miracle water that Mr. Abe is taking is pH 8 and it's resolved potential is (minus) -238 millivolts. Is this water with a different electric potential have a good effect on Mr. Abe."

Reporter: "At last the great news Mr. Abe had desperately waited for was conveyed to him by Dr. Kawamura."

Mr. Abe asked: "It isn't necessary to cut of my foot, is it?"

Dr. Kawamura: "As things stand now, I don't think it will be necessary. Congratulations, your foot has been saved."

Mr. Abe: "Thank you, now I think I can work after being released from the hospital and I am looking forward to that. My leg would have been cut off, if it would have been two days later, it might have been hell, but now I will be able to work again after I get out of the hospital."

Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi: "Diabetes is believed to be caused by insufficient secretions of insulin from beta cells in the pancreas. In modern medical science, an active enzyme called a free radical is said to be involved in insufficient secretions of insulin.""In the human body there are neutrophils and t-cells fighting again viruses or malignant tumors. What is called active oxygen is fighting. After winning in the fight against a cancer, the enzyme which is called SOD will decompose residuals. But if there are too many residuals they stick to anything and damage cell membranes and nuclei because they are poisonous. It is said that diabetes is caused by this.""The resolved water obtained by electrolysis extinguishes free radical active oxygen. They are released out of the body that is why Mr. Abe's diabetes and gangrene took a turn for the better."

Mr. Abe: "I used to take 16 units of insulin but they reduced it to 10 units, now. I used to take 1200 calories but now I take 1600. I feel just fine and as they give me more of it I feel better and better."

Reporter: "On the 45-th day since Mr. Abe was admitted to the hospital, I happen to witness a scene, I doubted what I saw. Mr. Abe once thought about committing suicide because there was no chance he could save his leg, but I saw him leaving the hospital to go shopping with his sandals on."

Mr. Abe: "I think I am an exception that I didn't have my leg amputated, thought I suffer from diabetes I am surprised myself, over my recovery, it is really a miracle. I feel like I am having a dream when I walk down the street on my two legs, it's almost like floating in the air."

Announcer: "I was really surprised that a seriously diabetic patient recovered only using water. This concludes this segment on miracle water. We hope you enjoyed it. For further information about this water please contact the TV station NNN, please refrain from contacting the hospital just to get information."


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