Announcer: "During a hospital stay, people can be endangered from exposure to MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), which is a serious and growing problem. Antibiotics do not work on MRSA. Tonight, we will report on the use of hyperoxidized water made by electrolysis to eradicate MRSA."

[on screen] In a hospital hall way

Mr. Muramatsu: "Stop the cart, please. I have to check it."

Reporter: "Mr. Muramatsu, clinical inspection technician, checks the food cart for the existence of bacteria."

Mr. Muramatsu: "To my amazement, MRSA was found on the wheels of the food delivery cart. So, we are conducting a follow-up check, and we haven't seen the bacteria so far."

[on screen] MRSA Staphylococcus

Reporter: "MRSA is multiple resistant Staphylococcus aureus on which antibiotics do not work. These bacteria are very vigorous and multiply on shoe soles, inside the human nose and mouth and on the palms of the hand. That's why they are checking the spread of the bacteria. When older people or those with weakened immune systems become infected with MRSA, it can cause pneumonia and heart palpitations. Since antibiotics do not work, some victims die. People who supervise elderly individuals at nursing homes are facing trouble. Hospitals and nursing homes are trying to find a way to deal with this situation."

[on screen] Electrolysis device

Reporter: "Hyperoxidized water created by electrolysis, which is tap water to which a small amount of salt is added and an electric current applied, was found to kill MRSA, and some hospitals have now acquired an electrolysis system."

Dr. Yoshiko Nakamura of Showa University: "We found that about 30 kinds of bacteria including MRSA and other A-4 types bacteria can be killed instantly by hyperoxidized water."

Reporter: "The disinfectant effect of this water has been confirmed from many different aspects."

Dr. Nakamura: "Both herpes and influenza viruses were killed instantly."

Reporter: "This machine was developed for medical use and is different from the one made for the home. This machine creates hyperoxidized water at a pH of2.5 and an oxidation-reduction potential of 1100 millivolts."

[ion screen] Graph (pH range of bacteria and viruses)

Reporter: "Why can this water kill viruses and bacteria? Let's look at this chart. The pink part shows the pH range in which viruses and bacteria live. When hyperoxidized water at pH 2.5 comes into contact with them, bacteria living in this range are instantly killed. Further, the oxidation reduction potential is an added element to kill a wider range of bacteria and viruses. The chlorine and oxygen in the water also help to kill the bacteria."

[on screen] Microscope

Reporter: "We want to see whether or not MRSA is really killed by this oxidized water. We are looking into a special microscope for examining water.

[on screen] Living MRSA

Reporter: "You can see small dots all across the screen. These are living MRSA Now we put in the hyperoxidized water."

[on screen] Instantly killed MRSA

Reporter: "The moment the water comes into contact with MRSA the cell membrane is destroyed and the bacteria are killed instantly."

[on screen] Nurse, washing hands

Ms. Moriguchi, head nurse at Nara Prefectural Medical School Hospital: "This is a bucket of hyperoxidized water for washing hands. Before and after treating patients, we wash our hands in this water.

[on screen] Inside ICU of Nara Prefectural Medical School Hospital
Reporter: "Hyperoxidized water is made available at the bedside of each patient, and nurses wash their hands with it often. The nurses are happy about not having dry hands from constantly washing the old way."

[on screen] Dr. Miyamoto

Dr. Miyamoto: "We did have problems with MRSA in this hospital, including in the intensive care unit (ICU), but since we started to use this hyperoxidized water and to wash our hands with it, MRSA infections have definitely decreased. The water has also prevented the spread of MRSA."

[on screen] Bucket of water

Reporter: "What is this?"

Janitorial Woman: "This is hyperoxidized water."

Reporter: "She's using oxidized water to clean the hospital floor. Cultures taken here at Iida Hospital in Nagano Prefecture have shown that MRSA has been completely eradicated by the use of hyperoxidized water."

[on screen] Iida Hospital in Nagano

Reporter: "The hospital holds 540 beds, and 2000 people a day enter and leave the facility carrying MRSA. The bacteria became a serious problem, causing apprehension among hospital officials."

Dr. Muramatsu, head clinical inspection technician: "MRSA is not detected now because MRSA and other bacteria are instantly killed."

Reporter: "Let's look at this slide. On the left side is hyperoxidized water. On the right is sterilized, distilled water. No MRSA is present on the mop soaked in hyperoxidized water. This hospital thoroughly examined the properties of hyperoxidized water and confirmed its effectiveness in eradicating MRSA. Now this type of water is used to disinfect the entire hospital."
[on screen] Surgery room in lida Hospital

Reporter: "This is Surgery Room No. 1 in the hospital being cleaned by hyperoxidized water."

Dr. Muramatsu: "If MRSA is carried into a surgery room, it can cause serious problems. We clean everything in the room with hyperoxidized water. The cultures taken have all been negative."

[on screen] Test tubes

Reporter: "Not only that, test tubes, dishes and toilets used by patients are washed with hyperoxidized water. Patients' sheets are soaked in hyperoxidized water for ten minutes prior to being mixed with other things and washed. This mixing doesn't cause any problem at all."

Dr, Ham, President of lida Hospital: "In the beginning, I was a little skeptical about this water, but I found it very effective. The only problem is that the government doesn't acknowledge the use of this water for health insurance purposes. The Ministry of Health and Welfare needs to recognize this water as a kind of drug. This water should be used in every hospital in the country. It will be very effective in preventing the spread of MRSA inside hospitals."

Announcer A: "It is amazing, isn't it? If you use an antiseptic solution to wash your hands, your hands
get very dry. This water is really good news."

Announcer B: "Yes, indeed. The fact that you can effectively disinfect with this water without any side effects is wonderful. But the cost of using this water is not covered by health insurance."

Announcer A: "Also, we would like to remind you that you cannot create this hyperoxidized water with the home unit."

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