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EletrolisysBy applying electric current to the water, a process called Water Electrolysis, we separate water into two group of molecules.

One group will have Oxygen (O2) and Active Hydrogen (H+) molecules, called Acidic Ionized Water.

And another group will consist of Hydrogen (H2) and Hydroxide Ions (OH-) , called Alkaline Ionized Water.


The pH scale measures the logarithmic concentration of Hydrogen (H+) and Hydroxide (OH-) Ions, which make up water. The pH ranges from 0 to 14, where 7 is considered to be neutral (equal amounts of Hydrogen and Hydroxide ions), more then 7 - Alkaline (more Hydroxide ions) and less then 7 - Acidic (more Hydrogen ions).


Every cell of our body depends on the presence of Ionic Calcium. It is used in teeth and bones and the movement of muscles. It is required for the rhythmic action of the heart and the intestines. It is essential for the clotting of blood. It plays a role in infections, pregnancy, and in the maintenance of the acid-alkaline balance. Its presence or absence is a factor in the formation of tooth decay, phorrhea, and the degenerative disease.


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