Announcer A: "This is the second in a series of Special Reports on curing dermatitis by wonder water. Last week we broadcast a report on water treatment for a case of children's atopic dermatitis. We received a great response from the audience. Today, we will report on an adult case of atopic dermatitis."

Announcer B: "Recently, it is said that there are more cases of atopic dermatitis in adults than there are in children. Water treatment is also being found to be greatly effective on adult patients. This is a report on patients who were observed for almost a year."

[on screen] Kenji Takahashi

Kenji: "It still itches."

Reporter: "You can't sleep at night, can you?"

Kenji: "No, not at all. I wake up every hour."

Reporter: "Atopic dermatitis is a battle against incurable itchiness. Kenji Takahashi has been suffering from rashes since he was a toddler. Recently, his symptoms suddenly grew worse and he visited Kitazato Research Medical Center Hospital in Saitama Prefecture."

Dr. Kameyama: "Kenji Takahashi, right? What bothers you?"

Kenji: "I have atopic dermatitis and it itches really bad."

Doctor: "Can you show it to me? Ah, it is bad, isn't it? It looks very itchy."

[on screen] Graph

Reporter: "Atopic dermatitis used to be considered a child's illness. However, two thirds of the cases are found in adults. Sometimes the adult symptoms are more severe than those of children."

Kenji' mother: "This is when he was three years old and he started to see a doctor. He had rashes on his cheeks and hands where the skin is soft."

Reporter: "Doctors use adrenocortical hormones, or steroids, to treat atopic dermatitis."

Mother: "It becomes much better for a while with this drug, but if you stop using it, the rash becomes worse than before."

Reporter: "Worried about side effects, Kenji stopped using steroids a week ago on his own. In reaction, his itchiness increased and the symptoms worsened. Urged by Dr. Kameyama, he decided to go through the two kinds of water treatment."

[on screen] hyperoxidized water at a pH of 2.5

Reporter: "For severe inflammation, he uses this strong hyperoxidized water, which has been developed for medical use."

Dr. Kameyama: "I want you to drink three liters of this water everyday, five liters if you can."

Reporter: "To treat atopic dermatitis from inside the body, he drinks a second type of water, electrolyzed alkaline water. This water can be produced by an electrolyzing machine for home use. Kenji, eager to be cured, started in drinking five liters of alkaline water a day."

Reporter: "In this positive environment, Kenji has shown great improvement."

[on screenl Kenji's skin after 11 days of water treatment

Dr. Kameyama: "The biggest difference I can see is that the redness all over his body has subsided. I'm amazed myself."

Reporter: "Twenty days after Kenji started the water treatment, a more amazing thing happened."

[on screen] Left: Kenji's skin at the time of hospitalization Right: 20 days later

Doctors, nurses, Kenji: "No rash, nothing at all."

Reporter: "Doctors and nurses alike are completely amazed. Needless to say, Kenji went home in high spirits."

Reporter: "However, after going back to a different environment, that of the work place, pigmentation occurred, darkening his skin. One reason for this regression was stress, which shows how difficult it is to cure atopic dermatitis."

Reporter: "Recently, due to fear of side effects, the number of people who have stopped using steroids has been increasing. This can be harmful."

[on screenl Tomomi Arii

Reporter: "Tomomi Arii suffered from a serious case of a topic dermatitis and was hospitalized four times during her junior high and senior high years. The steroids stopped working and, under her doctor' s guidance, she started to gradually cut down on them and switched over to water treatment.

Reporter: "Even so, withdrawal symptoms appeared. Her face became swollen and she suffered from high fever. Cutting steroids on your own without a doctor's guidance can more than you can handle. It is important that you see a physician."

[on screen] Tomomi, 4 months after water treatment

Reporter: "Since switching to water treatment, Tomomi has been improving. Her face was always swollen when she was using steroids. But this is her face after four months of water treatment."

[on screen] Tomomi, 6 months after water treatment

Reporter: "After six months, her skin greatly improved and the itchiness subsided. Her arms also show great improvement."

Reporter: "How has the itchiness changed now that you've started water treatment compared to when you used steroids?"

Tomomi: "It has absolutely decreased."

[on screen] Mr, Kondo (62 years old)

Reporter: "Who could believe that Mr. Kondo who lives in Kyoto, suffered from atopic dermatitis and its side effects for 30 years? Only nine months ago, he had severe rash even on his abdomen. Since then, he has been drinking alkaline water and now the skin is this clean. His hands looked like an elephant's skin, but now they also look totally different. His feet, once swollen from the use of steroids, are looking perfectly normal."

Mr. Kondo: "I don't think it will recur. I hope everyone who suffers from atopic dermatitis will be cured by this water."

[on screen] Kenji

Reporter: "Kenji Takahashi, who had skin discoloration or pigmentation, has continued to drink electrolyzed alkaline water. He also purchased an electrolyzer that creates strong hyperoxidized water, and is treating himself. His skin color is coming back to normal little by little."

Reporter: "How has the itchiness changed compared to when you used steroids?"

Kenji: "There is none now."

Reporter: "Kenji says that people don't stare at him like they used to."

Announcer A: "Even those who had suffered for thirty years were cured, weren't they?"

Announcer B: "Yes. There is one thing we have to be careful about. It was reported that when those who have been using steroids for many years suddenly stop, their condition might worsen due to withdrawal symptoms, but if they persevere through that period, about six months in general, their skin condition will improve. Please see a physician for this water treatment."

Announcer A: "The hospital that we introduced today is Kitazato Research Medical Center Hospital at Kitazato City, Saitama Prefecture."

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