How to choose The Best water ionizer when there so many different options?

We had the same question and were looking for the answer. As our goal was to find the best performing unit with excellent warranty and quality then the choice fell on couple of manufacturers.

Researched all pros and cons we had a winner that had all the features we were looking for :

One Two Three 9 of the largest plates in the industry

Our MMP-9090 Turbo Extreme &  UCE-9000 Turbo have 9 of the largest plates in the industry. Larger plates mean stronger alkaline and acidic water properties, stronger PH, stronger ORP, and maximally beneficial water. 

Benefit #2 Plates are Platinum coated 10 times

Our medical grade titanium plates are coated with the highest quality platinum available 10 times and then baked to ensure quality and longevity for the lifetime of water ionizer.

Benefit #3 Highest range of produced water pH

Highest range of produced water pH : from 2.3 to 12.0 without chemicals added.

 Dual water filtration

Dual filtration (ceramic and activated carbon) is used to reach highest purification of water. Our filters, while eliminating heavy metals, keep useful minerals intact. Drink it and know that you are consuming the most purified and healthy water.


Every operation is controlled by CPU ship and, depending on water quantity, it finds the optimal operating mode.

 Touch screen operation

Easy operation with touch screen controls.

 Voice service

Voice guided operations for more convenient and safe use. Can be switched off.

 SMPS Power Supply

SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) is more effective then traditional power suppliers. It is less overheating and provides more stable electric current.
Patent No. 10-0714055 : Ion purifier using SMPS and its control method.

 Self-diagnosis safety function

After installation of water ionizer, a self check procedure is performed that warns with a voice announcement if installation doesn't match to the safety standards.

 RTR automatic cleaning function

RTR (Real Time Refresh) function serves to keep the electrolytic tank always clear, that will enable water ionizer to function at the top performance during it's lifetime.

 Electrolytic tank antibacterial system

With the energy produced during process of electrolysis, the proliferation of bacteria is reduced.

 ISO Certifications

Our factory is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. ISO stands for International Standards Organization and certification with this organization is highest possible attribute to the quality of the manufacturing process.

 UL Approved

The Underwriters Laboratory (UL) is the highest standard in safety and one of the most difficult safety certification to obtain.

 South Korean FDA approved

South Korean FDA (Food And Drug Administration) approved our water ionizers as medical devices. 

 Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty, covering both Parts & Labor is coming standard on our MMP-9090 Turbo Extreme & UCE-9000 Turbo water ionizers.


  Hit the bull's eye! Get the best water ionizer and save money! 





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