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RestaurantStrong Acidic Ionized Water is used to sanitize restaurant equipment, facility and kill harmful bacteria during food preparation. Microclustered properties of Alkaline Ionized Water can benefit food preparation and cooking as it has a better penetration and absorption ability. Firstly, pesticides are removed from the food by soaking them in Alkaline Ionized Water. Secondly, food is cooked in this water to bring out taste and nutrients from the food. In Japan it is used in more then 3000 restaurants and cafes.

Benefits of alkaline water in Spa

Acidic Water helps to restore the delicate pH balance of skin and helps to eliminated harmful bacteria. Alkaline Water is reducing free radicals, supplying extra oxygen, improving mineral uptake and enhancing cell hydration.

For facial treatments use first Acidic Water then use Alkaline Water when preparing face mask.Use strong Acidic Water for pedicure and manicure to kill fungus and bacteria on skin. Also use it to disinfect instruments and equipment.

Also strong Alkaline Water (pH higher then 11.5) can act as a detergent to wash towels and clothes.


Kindergarden Strong Acidic Water can be used as a non-chemical solution for disinfection food, dishes, floors, restrooms, game rooms, toys and other. It is especially beneficial to use in environment with kids who are allergic to cleaning chemicals.

Strong Alkaline Water can extract pesticides and other chemicals from food when soaked for 10-15 minutes. And food processed this way is staying fresh longer.

Drinking Alkaline Water helps boost immunity system and normalizes digestion. A glass of Alkaline Water is equivalent in amount of antioxidants to a freshly squeezed orange juice while having zero calories.


Alkaline Water benefits for Cleaning Business Ionized water can be used for cleaning and disinfecting of office premises. Due to it's non-chemical nature, it will be appreciated by office staff who are prone to allergies.

Strong Alkaline Water can be used to clean dirty and/or oily hard surfaces.

Strong Acidic Water is excellent disinfectant and fungicide.


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