Personal Care

Hair CareAfter shampooing, rinse hair with Light Acidic Ionized Water to kill bacteria and give hair healthy and shiny look.
Nail CareStrong Acidic Ionized Water has bactericidal and fungicidal effects, helping to promote healthy nails. Also, due to it's astringent effect, it gives nails a shiny look.

Skin CareA new tool for your skin care will become a Light Acidic Ionized Water, that controls growth of bacteria on skin. Use it for washing face and sensitive parts of body.

For other body parts you can use Strong Acidic Ionized Water that will provide even greater bactericidal effect.


Oral CareUsing Light Acidic Ionized Water as a mousewash will help fight bacteria. Wash mouse with Slight Alkaline Ionized Water afterwards to restore the pH balance.

Also you can use Strong Acidic Ionized Water to disinfect toothbrushes after use.


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