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Reverse Aging There have been several researchers who link aging to body's over acidity. Drinking Alkaline water restores pH balance of the body and helps eliminate accumulated acidic wastes.
Sprouts Watering sprouts like Alfalfa, Wheatgrass and others, with Acidic Water will provide them with optimal pH balance allowing faster growing and inhibiting growth of mold or bacteria for healthier and tastier product.
Pants Most plants that are accustomed to rain water which is slightly acidic, will thrive by being watered with Acidic Water. Also Acidic water will diminish growth of mold or bacteria, eliminating unpleasant smells and will give your plants healthier environment to grow.

Different fishes have different ideal pH of water they prefer to live in. Some fish prefer pH as low as 5.5 and others prefer their pH to be over 8.5. Use Alkaline or Acidic Water to give your fish water pH they love. Also clean and disinfect aquarium using strong Acidic Water without any chemicals that might become harmful for your fish.

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