Announcer A: "Again tonight we are reporting on a wondrous water. We reported that this water is very effective for medical use and for preventing food poisoning. The water is used as a substitute for agricultural chemicals as well."

Announcer: "We asked an agriculture expert what effects does it produce?"

Reporter: "A variety of fruits and vegetables are in this shop and all of them brightly colored. My favorite vegetable is the cucumber, but thinking of agricultural chemicals, I worry about the effects on cucumbers. An agricultural ministry survey shows that cucumbers are vulnerable to diseases especially those grown in a greenhouse which have to be sprayed often. Without chemicals only ten percent of the cucumbers survive."

Reporter: "However, we found a farmer in Oyamacee Tochigi Prefecture who grows cucumbers without using agricultural chemicals. They use water which is not harmful to our health but which does destroy mold."

Farmer: "This machine separates water into alkaline ion oxidized water. We put salt in the water and it is resolved by electricity. At the negative pole you get alkaline water and at the positive pole you get oxidized acidic water. This is done instantly.""This oxidized water kills germs that cause cucumber diseases. One cucumber plant will yield nearly 100 cucumbers. These plants are suffering from mildew. But on this plant which was treated with acidic oxidized water, the bacteria have been destroyed. It is surprising that the white part suffering from mildew came off due to the sterilizing power of the water. The difference is very clear between the one treated with acid oxidized water and the other one. With oxidized water there is no resistance against mold or chemicals."

Cameraman Matsumoto, eating a cucumber treated with the water says: "If agricultural chemicals are used, I wouldn't want to eat it, but in this case, I decided to try it. Oh, it is fresh and delicious, it also smells good. We can eat these cucumbers with-out any worry even if they are uncooked."

Reporter: "Golf a favorite sport in Japan. On golf courses greens are produced using chemicals and this is causing problems. We conducted an investigation of agricultural chemicals used on golf courses in Chiba Prefecture two years ago and we found that an average of 2.4 tons of agricultural chemicals are used annually per eighteen hole golf courses, more than a 150 types of chemicals are used. Some kinds of agricultural chemicals remain in the soil for a long time, and in some cases they become a source of pollution."This person says: "What I have picked up is ionized water it records a value of 2.6 pH. At Atsugi International Country Club, they have been trying to reduce the use of agricultural chemicals as much as possible by using strongly oxidized water. A lawn is infected by several kinds of germs, so lawns that are once beautiful can often die this way. If this happens on a golf course the value of the country club decreases. This difficult situation let to the idea of killing germs with strongly oxidized water created by electrolysis."

Akito Hirano: "Now we spray this strongly oxidized water once a week in warm weather, and when the temperature goes down we spray once or twice a month."

Reporter: "Why does this water kill the germs?"

Akito Hirano: "The germs which kill lawns can't live under a 3 pH level, given more strongly oxidized water they are destroyed. Furthermore, dissolved oxygen and dissolved chlorine will kill the germs."

Akito Hirano: "We are trying to cut agricultural chemical by 80 percent every year. In the near future we hope to dispense with all the agricultural chemicals by using this water."

Reporter: "Most pleased are the farmers who are freed from using agricultural chemicals. Look at this they work in light clothing, sneakers, aprons and jeans."

[on screen] Kazuko Akiyama, a farmerette, user of chemical free agriculture

Kazuko Akiyama: "Once I was so scared to work in a vinyl plastic hothouse, when I was pregnant, so I did my work just leaning in from outside, but now days we are safe."

Reporter: "We asked her to put on the working clothes she used in the days when they used chemicals."

Kazuko Akiyama: "I worked in this raincoat, rubber boots, gloves, sun visor and mask. It was hot and uncomfortable and that made the work even tougher."

Reporter: "Alkaline water produced from electrolysis is also utilized to grow crops."

Yuro Sasaki: "Alkaline water helps suck up nutrition from the soil as a result things grow bigger."

Hirotoshi Tamura Managing director of Yota Ba Kai co-operative: "At this time of the year farmers use agricultural chemicals once a week, but by introducing this method these farmers have not used chemicals at all so far, still delicious cucumbers are being produced. I am sure this method will be "THE" method for chemical free farming in the future.""Because the water is highly acidic, you might be concerned about causing some bad effects, but according to the staffs experiments, the acid water will change into ordinary water in the soil."

Announcer: "We reported the story of the miraculous water in a three part story and while reporting we were startled by these wonders. The next report in the special feature about miracle water is coming up tomorrow."

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