Announcer A: "Water electrolyzed into acid and alkali has proven to be effective in many areas."

Announcer B: "In our series featuring this so called miracle water, we look at how the water has been used in the medical field." "Athletes foot is a nasty fungal disease and painful condition. It is very difficult to cure. Many people suffer from athletes foot after wearing shoes for long periods of time, but athletes foot can be cured by electrolyzed water."

Reporter asking a patient: "Do you believe that it is just water that is used in the treatment?"

Patient: "No, I don't believe it."

Reporter: "Do you feel any pain in the infected part?"

Patient: "No, I don't."

Reporter: "This is Kyowa Hospital located about forty minutes from Kobe station. At the hospital athletes feet, hands and bed sore are treated only with water. The doctor says that, unless there is infection, the troubled part will heal completely. It is necessary just to irrigate and apply a bandage. The treatment of this injury, caused in a motor bike accident, was just dipping it in the water for fifteen minutes."

Reporter: "Did you think the water was a disinfectant solution?"

Patient: "Yes I thought so at first, but later I learned that it was just acidic water."

Reporter: "How did you feel about that?"

Patient: "Well, I doubted it would heal the injury."

Doctor: "Don't worry, the water has an excellent sterilizing effect."

The director of the Kyowa Hospital, Sosuke Kawamura says: "The electrolysis of tap water produces alkali water at the cathode and acid water at the anode. We are using the acid water after watering it down to a pH value of 2.6. This high acid water kills fungus, mold and bacteria although perhaps that may seem hard to believe."

Reporter: "You can see at how the bacteria actually died using this laser color microscope, the first to be developed in the world. As you can see, moving here is spirilla bacteria which is similar to a bacteria that causes syphilis. Acid water is poured over it, and as soon as the water covers the bacteria, they stop moving. Bacteria such as Spirilla and many others can only survive in an environment with a pH value of between 3 and 4. Acid water has a pH value of 2.6, which kills everything. The oxidization reduction electrical potential and chlorine and oxygen also help kill these bacteria."

This doctor says: "We don't use antiseptics, we use electrolyzed water. One of the patients allowed us to take pictures of his bed sores and how it has healed. It worked right down to the bone.Bedsores even this bad are healed by using the water, it works better than any medicine. Electrolyzed water works better especially for bed sores."

Reporter: "We visited Akashi hospital to look at some of the promising results."

The Doctor there says: "Without using disinfectant, ointment or intravenous drip infusion only electrolyzed water for treatment for two weeks there has been no infection, the surface of the ulcer has been recovering drastically, the recovery process seems extremely good, it is very surprising. It is amazing."

Reporter: "While making the report in the hospital, this reporter was told that after giving patients alkaline electrolyzed water, the patient feces becomes odorless. Going into the sick rooms, despite the fact that many patients were wearing paper diapers in bed, there was no fecal odor at all. The patients recovering rate was in fact so rapid that more and more patients are getting around in wheel chairs."

Announcer: "Because of the drastic changes at the hospital, even nurses and doctors are now taking the alkaline water home and drinking it themselves. Our reporter went back to Kyowa Hospital to find out the additional advantages of alkaline water."

Nurse: "We boil alkaline water to use for making babies milk. All the employees here usually drink tea made of boiled alkaline water."

Reporter says: "I hear you don't catch colds?"

Nurse: "No, everybody here is fine because they all drink alkaline water."

Reporter: "In the hospital a machine from which patients can drink alkaline water was installed seven years ago. There are people who claim to have cured their scleroses of the liver or diabetes which are very hard to treat with western medicines, simply by drinking electrolyzed alkaline water."

This is Katsumi Nakanishi who recovered from sclerosis of the liver.

Mr. Nakanishi "I drank a lot of the water as I had a bad liver, and it was always burning. Myfigures went down and down. I am now well."

Shigeru Takahashi recovered from diabetes says: "I could not believe that the water could cure my disease in the beginning. I have been suffering from diabetes for fourteen years but with the electrolyzed water, I cured it."

Reporter: "What happens inside the body? We interviewed a doctor who teaches the effective use of this water on the body. Chief editor of the Water society."

Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi: "You will have clean feces if you drink alkaline electrolyzed water. Electrolysis has the function of detoxifying or neutralizing toxic substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia contained in the feces. You can see that this toxic substance will start to decrease as you drink the electrolyzed water. As a result you will have a healthier liver, the organ which has the function of neutralizing toxic substances in the body, and then your whole body will start to feel better since the functions of all the organs in the entire body start to improve."

Announcer: "Numerous diseases including high blood pressure, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers improve as a result of using this water. It is amazing that it has so many incredible results.Tomorrow we will have another in the series on MICRO WATER."

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