At the urging of the Japanese Minister of Health, a Japanese Public TV Station created an Educational Documentary Series - which followed the recovery of a diabetic patient suffering from gangrene of the foot. The film follows the patient, Mr. Abe, from Day One through his complete rehabilitation. The conversation with the doctors went as follows: "The doctor at the first hospital told me that they had to amputate my foot and the toe on my other foot. If l lost both, I wouldn't be able to work or walk, so I left that hospital”. Mr. Abe was fortunate to know a reporter on the staff at the TV station who took up his cause and helped by directing him to a hospital using the Ionized Water treatment. Mr. Abe says, "The water makes me feel light and l am in good shape. Now I think I can work after being released from the hospital and am looking forward to that " Mr. Abe once considered committing suicide thinking there was no chance to save his foot. "My leg would have been cut off, if it would have been two days later. It might have been hell, but now I will be able to work again after I get out of the hospital. I used to fake 16 units of insulin, but now doctors reduced it to 10 units. I used to take only 1200 calories, but now I take 1600 and l feel just fine. As they give me more of the water, I feel better and better".

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