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Contents :

  • Reviews of water properties by scientists around the world.
  • Unusual properties of water.
  • 1956. South Asia. Incident in military laboratory.
  • Does water have memory?
  • Structure of water in comparison to chemical composition.
  • What is water cluster? Role of water clusters in water memory.
  • Scientific experiments with water.
  • How human emotion affects water?
  • How structured water affects plants.
  • Water's journey to our homes.
  • Water in heating elements in our homes.
  • Is purified water healthy?
  • Informational pollution.
  • Secrets of water.
  • Dead water vs. live water.
  • How water affects human blood.
  • 1995. Japan. Scientist - Masaru Emoto first studied impact of musical instruments on water.
  • Why children need attention?
  • Water is the essence of life.
  • US healthcare crisis.
  • Healthcare vs. diseasecare.
  • What is water electrolysis.
  • What is Alkaline Ionized Water? How is it different from filtered water.
  • Interviews with doctors.
  • Testimonials.

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Did You Know?

Did you know?

More than 70% of the earth's surface is covered with water. However, most of it (98%) is salty water. Only 2% is drinkable water from which almost all is trapped in frozen glaciers.