3D-MOTION Whole Body Vibration Machine


The best machine in its class, with 3 vibration modes in 1 machine, 60 vibration positions, heavy duty all steel commercial grade frame construction, fully programmable training routine, preset programs, ultra quite 2HP dual brushless DC motors.

Unlike Piston vibration, which has been shown to cause many problems, this machine's vibrations are multidimensional. Independent research has shown that triangular oscillating motions are the safest and most effective type of vibrations.

The 3D-MOTION Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine is a scientifically designed machine that produces vibrations from the feet up distributing vibration energy to the entire body. These vibrations results in rapid and intense muscles contractions, approximately 30-50 times per second. The way in which body responds to these vibrations is truly amazing! Scientific research has shown that the human body is unparalleled in its ability to adapt to various external stressors and stimuli, and the resulting benefits derived from vibration exercise are from that adaptation process.

This 3D-MOTION Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine combines 3 types of mechanical movements in 1 machine. In Triangular Oscillation Mode, the machine not only provides proper up/down oscillation movement that makes all the major muscle groups work without efforts, it also helps to eliminate unwanted body fat. In Spiral Mode, the machine provides smooth elliptical motion in the horizontal plane, which is recommended for recovery and people who cannot do intense workouts. In Dual Mode, the machine works transversely, generating motion in 3D spatial planes and provides maximum results for your workout. Because of the tri-axial movements in the 3D space, this mode is more effective in reducing cellulite then just using Triangular Oscillation Mode alone.

This one machine allows the user to train and develop muscle strength, toning, cellulite reduction, increase growth hormone, and reduce stress and achieve results in less time. With the dual control, you can adjust the vibration speed and the spiral speed using center console, or via the quick access buttons on the handle grip.

3D-MOTION Whole Body Vibration Machine

For advance users, the machine has a USB interface which allows you or the trainer to create customized training routines that suits your need. Up to 6 different training routines can created and stored on the USB key (Windows based software and the USB key are included with the machine purchase.)

The machine works by generating vibrations in the plate base, this vibrating force is then transferred directly throughout the entire body. All the affected muscles response with a rapid stretch reflex, this is an automatic response by the muscles in which the tissues contract and relax. Low speed vibration mainly relax and refresh the body, which higher speed vibration can cause rapid and intense muscle contractions.

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3D-MOTION Whole Body Vibration Machine

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